Save 50% on Tree Service, and Tree Care! and Outsmart the ISA arborists!

If you hire a Tree Service company for pruning or tree removal, or other tree-care service, do it with a foolproof plan. Your plan will focus on your interests not theirs. Your plan will anticipate both problem prevention (i.e. scam artist avoidance, etc.) and opportunity realization (i.e. cost reduction, etc.).

I’d love to show you the relevant ins and outs of the arboriculture industry, so you end up paying less and getting more. I have abundant empirical (hands on) knowledge in this business.

I built a 1.2 million dollar a year Tree Service company in 6 years, part-time.

During my tree business time I focused on one main challenge, to improve the Company-Client relationship.

I was tired of competing on price with the riffraff (scam artists and drug and alcohol abusers) that flock to the tree industry, they worked for peanuts most of the time until they found someone to con (I reveal their tricks, and scams).

I wanted to perfect the process to discover my client’s wants and needs and find a better way to do it for less, while maintaining enough profit to remain in business. The win-win solutions were not so hard to find. Here are a few…

Before You Hire Anyone… Design your Foolproof Plan:

14 Ways to Pay Less: Lowest costs of the year are in the winter

How to Identify a Company You Can Trust & Avoid Scams Artists

Storm Damage? How To File An Insurance Claim With Confidence

Extreme Tree Hazards, Are You Growing One? Learn what to look for

Healthy Tree’s: Up To 20% of Your Home’s Value, don’t let hackers near

Is your Neighbor’s Tree annoying? State Law the Can dos and Can not’s

Please invest in your own tree service success, so that whether you hire an ISA arborist for pruning your shrubs, dead tree removal, or trimming your landmark maple tree, you’ll have no regrets and you will feel very wise, astute and wizardly.

I was unique because I saw that if I could use what I knew about how profit was created in the tree industry I could better help my clients get what they wanted instead of working harder on what was in it for me.

Here is a common statement from my clients:

"I chose to hire your company because you were the only ones who told me how I could spend less. Everyone else just tried to explain why they needed to charge such high prices. Thank You”
D. K. - Saint Paul, Minnesota

Now you will have the ability to spend less and get more.

Best Regards

James Zollinger

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