How to Pay Less for Tree Service

Of course we all know that when we hire an ISA arborist and tree service company for pruning or tree removal, we are making them money.

But do you know there are things you do that increase their profit, and make their job easier?

What if you could share in the value you create for them, and keep some of that extra profit for yourself?

I will show you Quick and Easy ways to save money in tree-care costs and get the most value from your arborist.

Not one person in ten thousand know how to use 2 or 3 of the 14 techniques that I'll show you here.

By knowing all 14 situations that make the tree business more profit, AND how to present it to them, you are in the position to obtain generous discounts on your tree service costs.

You no longer have to just take what they give you, you will be able to help them see how smart it is to give you more.

There are 7 main areas of potential
profit sharing or discounting

1. Increase Volume: The more tree work in your yard the more profit is made.

2. Increase Neighborhood Volume: This techniques has the most potentialfor you to save or even earn money for yourself!

3. Referral or Endorsement: Referrals are more difficult to earn a benefit immediately but if you are not in a hurry to get your work done you can use this effectively.

4. Preferred Client: Eliminate one of their largest expenses (Advertising) from your future tree work by committing to get your trees maintained regularly with the same company.

5. Sweat Equity or DYI: Do Some of the work yourself, or with the help of friends and neighbors

6. Winter: Classic Supply and Demand: During the winter there is less demand, prescheduled your work then.

7. Cash: Every other form of payment carry's more risk and added expense for the company to accept.

The idea of asking for reduced prices isn't new in the tree service industry.

But what is so revolutionary is having a Win-Win persuasive argument as to why it is in the arborist's best interest to give you what you want, generous discounts.

Click on each item above and learn how to use each discounting category to maximize your personal gain.

To Your Success,

James Zollinger 651-400-7005 Click here to learn more Tree Service money saving strategies.