Tree Service Savings Can come from Do It Yourself or Sweat Equity Tasks

Tree Service work can be broken down into several tasks of which many fall in the DIY (do it yourself) or Sweat Equity jobs category.

When most people hire a tree service for pruning or tree removal work, they don't consider or realize how much they are paying for the skilled workers to remove the debris, rake the yard, shovel wood chips, and do the final detailed clean up.

The company must pay their highly skilled climbers the same wage whether they are climbing a 90 foot tree or raking.

If you are willing and able to remove logs or brush yourself, rake your own yard, sweep your driveway and street; you can save 10 to 70 percent of the cost of the service.

Many people find out that their neighbors, family, or friends are in need of firewood, and for the benefit of free wood, that they are willing to do most or all of the clean up.

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