Buy Tree Service with Cash and Save Money

Not all forms of Tree Service payment are created equal.

Credit Cards, checks, or even bartering (trading a service you can perform in exchange for Tree care) carry with them potential time delays, service fees, risk of cancellation or reversing the charges.

Credit Cards:

Every time a business accepts credit cards, they are paying a fee to the card company. Cash is service-fee free money.


Personal Checks carry risk as well.

The arborist has to question if you look like you are worth the risk of not having funds to cover the check.

Will the check bounce?

Will you stop payment before it clears the bank?

There is a $30 fee charged by many banks for clients bad checks.

To avoid the loss I've even driven straight to their bank to cash the check to find insufficient funds.Now I have to talk to them and hear their embarrassing storys.

Bartering or Trade:

When you exchange services or merchandise you still wonder if they will follow through after you have completed you end of the deal.

Someone always finishes their part first, and must wait to see if the exchange was worth it.


Unless you pass counterfeit money, there are no inherent risks or service fees for a business to accept cash.

Some smaller companies like cash so much they'll offer to pay the sales tax charge for you. They don't have the office staff to track down the credit and check problems stated above.

Depending on the state you live in that could be over 8%.

If you buy arbor services and don't ask for a cash discount you are missing out on a simple and valuable discount.

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