I'll Beat Any Tree Removal Bid or I'll Pay You $100 Cash!

There are several main considerations that any real professional tree service estimator must be proficient at to have any consistency in bidding on a tree removal project.

It is so common to see bids for the same project vary wildly from company to company (50% price difference is common) or even more surprisingly from those who estimate from the same company (I've even seen 40% difference here, even with the huge companies). But, the most interesting is having the same "expert" bid the same tree and vary 20% on price.

I've done some very interesting comparisons and crunched the numbers and found only 5 categories that effect price without compromising safety.

The 5 Most Costly Factors In Tree Work

The estimate must:

1. Cover the cost of the company's Administrative overhead.
2. Cover the cost of the company's Equipment and Maintenance.
3. Cover the cost of the tree crew's time on the job.
4. Cover the cost of the tree crew's time to the next job.
5. Meet the company's owners goals for profit.

No matter what, if the estimator doesn't meet these financial imperatives the boss will be furious.

Now the companies who are too heavy in area 1 and 2 are going to find it really difficult to survive in this new economy, and we will see some drastic cuts in these expenses or the business will go bust and/or be sold for the name only, for a "new" company rebuild.

The most interesting areas are 3 and 4. There are 20 or so sub-factors here that allow for price reduction without lost safety or quality.

This is my area of expertise and I can do this better than everyone else, and I'm willing to put my own money on the line to prove it.

Of Course There Are A Few Comon Sense Limitations and Restrictions

I will compete with anyone who is in a legitimate business and willing to belong to the Better Business Bureau or like association.

This is for residence whose property is in the Greater Twin City Metro area of Minnesota. You may call to verify if your address qualifies. Specifically, those who do qualify should have seen a yard sign in their neighborhood or received an advertisement to their home. These promotional areas will receive preference over other areas.

If you'd like to sponsor your neighborhood for a promotion, you will receive additional compensation for your assistance. All estimates will be scheduled by sub-zip-codes as time allows. (I will try to provide online and phone estimate reduction consultations for those whose time constraints wont allow delay)

The client will show the bids that they have received before I will demonstrate how I will provide an improved price. The client is then free to chose any provider to complete the work.This is the end of the offer, no further comparison will be made to future bids.

To receive the $100 cash award, client must complete the work described in the estimate with the company whose bid was superior and confirm that they did stay under my estimate bid.

For factors that may end up out of my control I must limit this to $500 paid out per month. Those who are awarded must allow their names or other distinguishing characteristics to be published to satisfy those who desire verification that I really do pay as I promise.

Storm Damage Takes Priority Overall and Does Qualify for This Promotion